Curating Memorable Experiences

For travelers, EXPERIENCES create MEMORIES, and are what set some hotels and resorts apart from the rest. CURATE 3XP specializes in curating custom experience playlists for your property that are seamless to integrate and built with your operation flow and budget in mind.

Mary Jo Ferrazza

Creative Architect
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I am MJ, founder of CURATE 3XP. Through my extensive experience in the hospitality industry, I have seen that curated experiences have increasingly become the key to building excitement and guest loyalty. More than ever before, managers are wearing many hats. Sometimes the focus on meeting operational challenges can shift attraction away from keeping the calendar of guest experiences fresh and engaging. This is what led me to start CURATE 3XP.

The mission with Curate 3XP is to create innovative guest experiences that drive demand, grow transient rate, and ultimately build brand loyalty.  I develop signature events for all ages that expand the mind, stimulate the creative imagination, uncover talents, and promote physical fitness. In addition to creating new experiential events, I can assist you in refining and optimizing the traditional activities your guests love. This ensures that they continue to engender a strong emotional connection with your property and brand.

With more than 3 decades of experience in the hospitality industry, specializing in event management and guest experience, I am confident that I can help you take your guest experiences to the next level.

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